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Tumby Concrete & Troughs - Servicing Australia wide.

Welcome to Tumby Bay Concrete

Tumby Bay Concrete is located in Tumby Bay, providing quality products and services Australia wide since 1982. Based on the Lower Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, Tumby Concrete and Tumby Troughs is a family owned and operated business providing the Australian market with quality concrete products.

Concrete Troughs
We specialise in various sizes of concrete troughs, ranging from 5 ft (1.5m), 8 ft (2.4m), 12 ft (3.6m), 14 ft (4.3m), including cattle troughs and sweep out troughs.

Stainless Steel Float Valves
Our float valve range includes various sized floats (1”, 1.5”, 2”), with our custom designed high pressure or low pressure ball valves.

Septic Tanks and Supplies
Tumby Concrete fabricates a 3,200L septic tank, which is certified to Australian Standards. We also offer saddles, risers and lids, to complete our range.

Chemical Sheds and Toilet/Shower Blocks
Our chemical sheds are supplied with a precast concrete floor, and pre-cut panels for ease of installation. Toilet/shower blocks come in your choice of colour (Green or cream), with all accessories and whirly gig.

Garden Supplies
We make a large variety of garden supplies, from concrete pavers, to bird baths, and sleeper panels.
New to the range are concrete sleeper panels, made in slabs of Panels from 2 panels high, to 5 panels high.

Wall Edging and Dividers
We make a variety of wall edging and dividers.

**NEW PRODUCT ** Stock Grids
New to our range is our custom made stock grids, suitable from car and light truck vehicles, to heavy duty.  Available in 3 sizes.